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Save Time.

R.E. Agents & Biz. Owners:

Earn Money.

LUXVRTOURS pay-per-view 360 video service allows real estate agents and business owners to earn from viewing subscribers.

Ready for an HONEST and INTIMATE way to VIEW real property? Tired of doctored photos and wasted time? Great, we are too.

360° Video

Con Sofrito: 1315 Commerce Ave, Bronx, NY 10461 – LUX50263

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How It Works: View an unlimited amount of tours for 3 months at $34.95, or $1.75 /mo to view per tour. 


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Valid through September 1st, 2021


Hey NYC! Want A Tour?

How It Works: Join our affiliate program by requesting a video tour and earn from pay-per-view!


Real Estate Professionals:

SELL THE PEN!  Earn revenue and measure engagement from trackable QR Codes on your banners and PPV Video Tours!

QR Code Scan Tracking / Analytics

Append your QR Code to your banner and track when its scanned!

SMS Alerts & Cash Out

Close faster by receiving text message alerts and earn form prospecting buyers.

We’re Hiring!

Are you a real estate professional or salesperson in NYC and want a proven way to networking and earn? Apply TODAY and make money while providing value.

Don’t See It Here?

Let us know! We’ll dispatch an agent and send you the listing once we have it!